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California Process Service specializes in difficult “hard to serve” process service for individuals, entities, and governmental agencies. Process service can be a very challenging venture at times that requires a high level of finesse and covert skills. Often the defendant, or representatives of the entity to be served, cannot be located or they are intentionality evading service in various forms. All legal cases are timely and have a statutory (or court rule) deadline that has to be met. If your legal documents are not served in a professionally efficient manner with all due legal expertise they stand to be rejected and thrown out of court. This is why it is so important that an educated and experienced process server is needed to track down the subject and get the legal documents served.

When we need to we can wait at a location to catch the individual and serve them. As the case dictates we can even conduct a surveillance operation to ascertain what other individuals might also be present in order to serve them as well. Our observations can even be sworn to by affidavit or recorded in a declaration of due diligence.

When your stakes are high in a court case and you anticipate that the individual to be served may be uncooperative or evasive, it is better to hire an educated and experienced to map out a strategy in advance. This is historically and factually better than first sending out your local “attorney service,” constable or county sheriff to just randomly hit the door and tip off the subject that they are trying to be served with a subpoena or other court related documents.  “Attorney service” type companies have a function in the average subpoena service. However, their employees get paid only for successful service of process, so they concentrate on volume and have little incentive to focus on the more challenging subpoena services.

Evasive and elusive defendants are typically seen in family law matters, probate hearings, as well as in business law cases. Small claims defendants are famous for being evasive!

California Process Service provides you with the experience and finesse that is always required to get difficult or “hard to serve” matters handled. We effectively use technology and good old fashioned pretexts or disguises to get the job done while remaining well within the appropriate laws and ethics.



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